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Lassyu on stage at Cage Brewing in St. Pete.
First Edition, 9.8.18


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Saturday 09/8/2018 (St. Pete Artwalk)

Saturday Sept 8, I started out the evening playing some Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Babes in Toyland for ArtWalk at MESU 360 PROJECT GALLERY. From there, I spent some time at Bar548 for ARTOFFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, THE 7TH ANNUAL ROBOT INVASION OF ST PETERSBURG! Organizers announced that there will be TWO editions of Artofficial Intelligence next year. Stay tuned!

Then, it was next door to THE EMERALD BAR to see LASSYU, just back from tour. As usual, Emily Turnage was incredible with her impeccable lead guitar and crystal clear voice. It was a treat to hear her reprise one of the excellent Portishead tunes everyone loved so much when they played UNDER THE COVERS earlier this summer at Fubar. Saturday, Emily seemed to have the whole room in her control.

One of the coolest things about the show was the green booklet handed out at the door titled "Dance At Your Own Risk," a handfolded, hand made history of The Emerald in approximately 2"x 3" construction paper format.

After that, I watched Sierra Amora perform with her band at THE IBERIAN ROOSTER for FROM THE UNDERGROUND. It was a great time for everyone there. Looking around the room, I couldn't find anyone who wasn't dancing and having fun through the whole set. I certainly was. Just 21, Sierra is an unbelievably talented vocalist, and a stylish one too (see picture).

See you at the show!
Sparkly AND gifted. Sierra Amora on stage at
The Iberian Rooster.
Frances Jones at MESU 360 Project Gallery for
September ArtWalk (art work by Jerry Jonoso).
Photo by Mark Pillsbury.