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Lassyu at The Emerald Bar 9.8.18

Fourth Edition, 10.28.18

Friday Oct 28

I ran into Lassyu at FUBAR. They told me a little about their recent tour, their upcoming new album and their love for artist, My Brightest Diamond. Lassyu's having an album release party at THE BENDS on Oct. 20 with The Boats.

Lassyu's show with Geri X wasn't going to start for a while, so I headed over to THE INDEPENDENT to see Mark Etherington. It was great. I would run into Mark a little later that week at his Open Mic at YEOMAN'S CASK & LION on Tuesday, which was also his birthday.

Saturday, Oct 29

It was a sad night for me, from the start, because it was the night of the farewell concert from Slade and The Wasters, one of St. Pete's best punk bands bcause their frontman, guitar player and songwriter, Tommy Slade, is taking off to live in Seattle as a professional surveyor. He is like a machine on the guitar. It is awesome. I wasn't the only one who was really sorry to see him go. After the show, they gave away all their merchandise for free and I got the entire Slade & The Wasters CD collection, and a 2x T-shirt that will work great as a dress. I hope they will reunite. He wouldn't be the only local musician to return to town and pick up right where they left off.

I started out Saturday night at THE BENDS for Radarman, Slap of Reality and Rutterkin. Radarman was kickass, but I wish they hadn't played in the dark. I TRIED to get you a picture, but I guess you can only see this band of exclusive stars in Creative Loafing, lol (what is that? ...) or any band that plays there i guess until I get a better flash that won't blind people on stage, or just briefly. Radarman is always great, though, and they were great that night, of course.

Tuesday, as I mentioned, I checked out the Tuesday Open Mic at YEOMAN'S CASK & LION hosted by Mark Etherington. It was Mark's birthday and tons of artists who regulary perform in town were there, including Geri X, who closed out the night. It was a straight up open mic where you got on in the slot you signed up for, as it should be, and it was no trouble for me to sign up and play four songs. It was a great night and I'm so happy I went, and PLAYED (!).

Have a good time all the time.


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