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Slow Code from Seattle in action at The Emerald Bar
Third Edition, 9.24.18

Monday 09/24/2018

Usually, everything happens on the weekends, but this week - it was all on a Monday, with a Monday Night Rager featuring Seattle's Slow Code, on tour, Reality Asylum and Laser Mouth at THE EMERALD. Then, over at FUBAR, it was Iron Reagan, Debt Neglector and Leviathon Cross.

Laser Mouth was incredible. Their guitar player played raging leads and wore a Babes in Toyland T-Shirt. I loved it, of course. Their bass player makes all the videos that screen while they're playing and they're awesome. It's all so good, the music, the video... sometimes, I had trouble choosing which to watch. They are one of a growing number of bands I have seen lately who can put on a kickass show with only two players (Lassyu and Blestian, to name two more). Laser Mouth regularly credits their drum machine drummer throughout the set. It worked for The Sisters of Mercy.

Back at THE EMERALD, Slow Code was coming on. It was outrageous AND a treat. It was a choice show and it was nice to be able to see it there. Slow Code was hot. It was so good. They played in classic grunge style and technically, it was outrageous. The singer/guitar player had more energy then anyone I've seen, I think. He rocked so hard the whole time, he was out of breath when he stopped, but he never ran out of steam through the whole set. Their drummer and bass player were just as good and they all really held together through every song. It was lucky to be able to see such a great national band at a club venue like THE EMERALD BAR on a Monday. Or any day, really. The self-described leftist dirge-punk power trio is right. They feature ferocious everything. They just released their new album, Wastelayer and they're on a multi-city US Tour to support it through October 10, when they'll wrap it up back in Seattle.

It was nice to have two chances to see great national bands in a club that night. After Slow Code, I ran over to Fubar. Debt Neglector was on. I love their punky sound. It was cool to see both bars so crowded on a Monday night and to see so many people I love to see out having so much fun for a good cause (having fun on a Monday).

I hung out at FUBAR for a little while after the set while Iron Reagan was setting up. It stayed really crowded on the floor, even during the break. Then, I headed back to THE EMERALD for Reality Asylum. It was the third time I had seen them in a couple weeks and it seemed to get even better every time. They really have a crew of fans and most of them were there dancing the whole time. Loren, their singer, spent a lot of time in the crowd for this set and everyone enjoyed it.

Back at FUBAR, it was even more crowded and it was time for Iron Reagan. Did you know their singer is from Seminole? The thrashy hardcore five-piece from Richmond, VA includes members of Cannibal Corpse, Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour. A lot of people in Tampa Bay love them and I think they were all there. They drew one of the biggest crowds I have seen in FUBAR and they played a great, full set. They have been signed to metal great, Relapse Records for four years now.

It was great to start the week off right!

See you there. Maybe tonight!


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