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Reality Asylum on stage at The Emerald Bar 9.15.18

Second Edition, 9.21.18

Friday 09/14/2018

Friday, September 14, it was a one-show night for me and night 1 of two this weekend at THE EMERALD (wait a minute, wasn't I here just last week for Lassyu?). It was Dead Cat Lounge, Chris Barrows Band and Armageddon Man on the bill. Surprise to me, Dead Cat Lounge is back to their original singer, Tom McNight, changing back from the singer that I have always seen them with, Javier Guerrero, also a long time Dead Cat fan. Tom had moved out of state, but now, he's back in F L A to stay. Maybe we will see a new punk band started by Javier Guerrero in the future. "Time will tell" as too many people have said so many times.

All I can say about the night though is, wow, it was soo great. Chris Barrows Band is always choice. Dead Cat's hard core punk raged just as loud and Armageddon Man was beyond description. That guy's voice is JUST incredible the range and the sustain - and the guitar player just blows me away. Plus, I like the way that the singer spent a little time with almost everyone in the crowd, and really, everything he did. He had so much energy. Plus, it seemed like "everyone" was there that night. So many people I always love to see, but don't often get to see all at once in the same room. So, it was great... a great night.

Saturday, September 15, there were two shows on my list. I wanted to check out The New Brutarians and Reality Asylum back at THE EMERALD BAR , then hop over to FUBAR for The Scurvy and Mosquito Teeth. I was afraid there might be some scheduling conflicts, and there were. But in the end I got to see all four - The New Brutarians, Reality Asylum, The Scurvy and Mosquito Teeth.

I love The New Brutarians. Their simple style and Johnny Thunders references. I loved it when they played a Leonard Cohen cover.

Afterwards, I headed over to FUBAR with some friends and caught The Scurvy and the first two songs by Mosquito Teeth. Even though I don't drink myself, I always love The Scurvy's pirate drinking songs so much. They're so super-catchy. They did a great version of "Six Pack."

Reality Asylum debuted some new songs in their short set at THE EMERALD. They are so good. Listening to them as I was walking in, they sounded like St. Pete's own updated New Order. Their singer always adds so much visually, both with her stage wear and her habit of standing on anything she can find in whatever room they are playing. It was like that Saturday night with her sparkly purple skirt, chucks and white sunglasses. Pretty quickly, their keyboard player closed out the set saying, "that's it, band practice is over." But, they still played one more. They'll be back at the Emerald on Mon. Sept 24 for the MONDAY NIGHT RAGER with Slow Code (from Seattle) and Laser Mouth.

Back at FUBAR, there was still a lot of Mosquito Teeth left. They played everyone's favorites and the singer took his pants off. What's new? What was different about this show was, while usually their singer spends a LOT of his time airborne, on this night, he spent a lot of his time down on the stage, where you really couldn't see him. I don't know what happened down there, but hopefully he won't be phasing out the cheerleader jumps — they're something. Seriously, everytime I go to see them there is always a crowd of people there having so much fun and so happy to be there to see Mosquito Teeth. Their cover of the Beastie Boys' "Heart Attack Man," was incredible.

Till next week, have a good time... :)


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Dead Cat Lounge on stage at The Emerald 9.14.18
Armageddon Man on stage 9.22.17. Go to 1:25.
Black Flag's song Armageddon Man
Black Flag live in San Francisco, 1984 playing"My Ghetto" in the long-haired Henry era.