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Security Issue in Terminal D

By Frances Brennan

We left at 6:30 a.m. from Conneticut nearby to head to the airport, then got stuck in traffic for almost an hour just steps in front of the Delta terminal when we arrive.

My ride patiently waited, then my daughter suggested we get out and walk, in traffic, which was stopped. Police vehicles and TSA vehicles blocked the way. We tried turning around, driving around and walking up the walkway beside the road, but were told by security staff we could not go through, although airport staff was walking in.

My ride, an expert in the area, cleverly drove around to terminal A and let me hop out for my 9 am flight since they had to get to work by 8:30, expecting that I could take the trolley to the airside.

Delta personal found everyone set to depart and told us we would take a special tram arranged by delta, where we would have to wait by the terminal access, where my ride and I were previously waiting for nearly an hour, then walk to the terminal.

When we got to the blocked off area by the terminal, we all sat out there together, on the road, about 50-100 people, many locals. Everyone kept a great attitude throughout, then we walked to the terminal and were told our flights would appear on the board for terminal C. There was one Delta pilot who kept trying to direct everyone back to terminal c, although, everyone seemed to be waiting at D.

After about an hour we saw staff heading in to D and were told everything was back to normal. The flight was completely uneventful, also very empty. I watched Motherless Brooklyn and almost finished it by the time we landed, thankfully safe and sound.