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Human Error
by Frances Brennan

Human Error has the hard-edged, catchy sound that seems like it was made in 1979, but its being written and played today in songs like "Florida Man," "Human Error" and "Security."

"Security" live at The Emerald Bar

Lead singer/bass player/songwriter Abe Cosgrove, still in his teens, has an innate way of channeling the old school, Bass player Skylar Rickenbach and drummer Chris Cosgrove meet him there with the energy and edge you think of when you hear the word punk.

Halloween show live at The Boom Boom Room in Largo, 2018

Drummer Chris Cosgrove played in the Crippled Masters, a St. Pete Punk band, for 10 years. Human Error started playing in 2018. Their full length, self-titled debut album is currently available on Band camp here.

Halloween show live at The Emerald, 2018

Human Error plays on Saturday, Jan 18 at The Emerald with Chris Barrows Band and Laser Mouth. In February, they play at Dunedin Brewery for Spider Fest with Love Songs for Junkies, Boney Fiend, Fear The Spider and more and on Feb. 28 they play the First Ever Deadwood Fest at Cage Brewing, a two-day festival with 22 Bands including Human Error, Sleight of Hand, Love Songs for Junkies and more. Human Error plans to release another six song EP in mid-2020.

LEFT: Human Error at The Emerald Bar 8.31.18
Get Human Error, Human Error's full-length debut here.
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