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Fever Beam
by Frances Brennan

Fever Beam's first single "Young Guns" is about staying home for a quiet night in while your friends are out tearing up the town.

It's a contrast to their live show. Their "cowpunk" sound is defined by energy, distortion and melodic noise on an ocean of flashy riff-based punk with "cherry picked" country elements influenced by bands like The Gun Club and Southern Culture on the Skids. Singer, guitar player, songwriter Kasey Maloney has said she feels rock and roll has been reimagined too many times, while cowpunk opens up their sound to blues, punk, surf rock and garage, saying she likes the sloppiness, grit and the slide that blues brings in to their sound.

Fever Beam was forged from a convergence of punk guitar, listening to AC/DC and the "cold hard love of rock and roll." Maloney played in The Spuds. She was already jamming with drummer Samantha Loder when she met bass player Dale Giordano at a house party. He had seen her in The Spuds and suggested they jam together. It turns out Dale already knew Samantha and was jamming with her as well. When they found out they all knew each other, they started playing together as Fever Beam.

Maloney and Loder elaborated on the band's name in Break Through Radio earlier this year. "A Fever Beam is something that all of a sudden takes over you," Maloney explained. "To say the least, it’s bittersweet—you’re like, 'I’m sick, what could it be, my body temperature is rising, I’m shaking, I’m rolling around,' and then all of a sudden, “YEEHAW,” a Fever Beam strikes you. And what comes next? You’re not sick anymore, you feel powerful." Samantha Loder said Fever Beam is a state of mind, "something to be embraced and indulge in. It’s within all of us already. The slight buzzing of electricity whizzing through the air right before something catastrophic happens... a fever that dims the harsh fluorescents of the world and carries you to your happy place," she added. "Fever Beam is just a lil' something to keep the kids alright."

Fever Beam toured the Southwest in 2019. They kicked it off with a show at The Bends on a bill with The Golden Pelicans and Charles Irwin then went on to play in Athens, Birmingham, Memphis and Houston.

"Young Guns" is the debut single from their upcoming album. They did some recording on the road with Glenn from Boytoy and Lena Simon from La Luz, who Maloney calls "masterminds."

Expect them to do more touring. Maloney has said she likes the chance that it offers to meet new people and get feedback from people who have no connection to her personal life at home, and has said that without touring, she believes every musician is spinning their wheels.

Fever Beam played in December for The Holiday Extravaganza at The Bends with Broom Closet and Luxury Mane. They're scheduled next for Open Culture with Glaze, Wave Coast and Bornite Carnation at The Hooch and Hive in Tampa on January 30.

Find out more about Fever Beam at www.facebook.com/feverbeam/

LEFT: Fever Beam on stage at Cage Brewing, 2019
Fever Beam OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Young Guns"
Fever Beam Live, "Lost In St. Pete"