ABOVE: "Athena Rising" The UK's tallest mural, created by UK Artists, Nomad Clan. BELOW: Finished Nomad Clan mural for Shine , 2025 3rd Ave S.

TOP LEFT: Work by Shine Mural artist Matt Kress
SHINE 2018

The Shine Festival was created to illuminate the power of art in St. Petersburg's public spaces. It is intended to revitalize local areas, inspiring dialogue and uniting communities and to create new standards of artistic excellence reflecting the city’s creative spirit. It is led by local artists and community members.

Each year a diverse group of local artists and acclaimed international muralists work together to decorate the city with their art. International artists leave behind their work, while local artists can benefit throughout the year, as businesses employ them and showcase their work.

The St. Pete Arts Alliance organizes the Shine Festival each year. The group also coordinates St. Petersburg's monthly Second Saturday Artwalk. Each year, Shine adds to the city's collection of gorgeous public murals bringing new work created by a shifting collection of the best local artists in collaboration with some of the world's best artists.

The city's public art collection can affect every St. Pete citizen and visitor passing it daily. It is free and available for them all to experience regardless of any type of divison.

CALL TO ARTIST WINNERS Mural Location: 4139 7th Terr S

Sarah Page uses wood stains and a variety of paint media to create her intensely colorful, though provoking work.

Find out more about Sarah Page’s work at sarahpagedesign.com.

Follow Sarah Page on Instagram @sarahpagge. See video of her painting her Shine 18 mural here.

Melanie Posner is a fine arts graduate from the University of Tampa. She paints photo-realistic, mixed media portraits of women in cast in blended rainbow tints and vivid color. Her work can be seen in Tampa Bay galleries and local businesses.

Find out more about Melanie Posner’s art at melanieposner.com.

Follow Melanie Posner on Instagram @therealmelpoz

Jake "Tasko"Jaquillard is a St. Pete grafitti artist working for 15 years. His distinctive letters and use of vibrant color distinguish his work, which can be seen all over Florida.

Tasko on Instagram @the_one_of_many_

His pop art influenced portraits are distinguished by intricate detail and sometimes unexplored perspectives. The influence of modern culture on his work may stem from his early life spent growing up in Los Angeles. His murals can be seen in St. Pete and Tampa

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Justin Wagher is one of the youngest working artists in St. Pete. He is a graduate of Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School. His work typically captures familiar local scenes in grayscale tones. It can be seen in Tampa Bay, Miami and Kansas City.

Follow Justin Wagher on Instagram @justinwagher

NOMAD CLAN Mural Location: 2025 3 Ave S
NOMAD CLAN, from England, is an internationally known collaboration between two street artists from Manchester, Joy Gilleard (Cbloxx) and Hayley Garner (AYLO). Their work frequently highlights socio-economic issues or celebrates the local history of its setting. Their murals can be seen across Europe. Their work “Athena Rising” is the tallest mural in the U.K.

Follow Nomad Clan on Instagram – instagram.com/nomad.clan
Explore their work at nomadclan.co.uk.

DAAS Mural Location: 125 19 St S (West Wall)
A Florida artist based in Japan, Daas uses lines and angles in his work that mirror Origami folds incorporated into his subjects in distinct and unexpected ways, filling them with multi-colored geometric shapes blending cubism and abstract styles. He has focused on painting murals since 2011, creating large-scale works throughout the U.S., Japan, Jordan and Nepal.

Find out more about DAAS’s work at artist-daas.com.

MATT KRESS Mural Location: 125 19 St S (North Wall)
Find Out More About Matt Kress's Work At Mattkressart.Com Follow Matt Kress On Instagram @Mattkressart And On Facebook.

ILLSOL Mural Location: Clay Center of St. Pete 2010 1 Ave S
Tampa artists ILLSOL are a husband/wife team working under a comination of their last names: Michelle sawyer and Tony Krol. Their "stage name" ILLSOL also incorporates the Spanish word for sun as a nod to Michhelles Cuban heritage. Together the two operate mergeculture Gallery in Tampa Heights. The artist-curated gallery gives a show space to local and internalational contemporary artists. ILLSOL's large scale murals and installations feature subtly characteristic textures, overlayed images and gold lines, creating a meld of their two individual styles.

Find out more about illsol’s work at illsol.com.

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GIBBS ROUNSAVALL Mural Location: Goodyear Rubber Products 1957 1 Ave S
Gibbs Rounsavall uses precise geometry to create motion in his paintings. His abstract work explores perceptions of space using the relationships of line, shape and the use of color to evoke memories for its viewers.

Explore Gibbs Rounsavall’s work at gibbsrounsavall.com,

Follow Gibbs Rounsavall on Instagram @gibbsrounsavall.

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BELIN Mural Location: Jagged Peak 1701 3 Ave S
Self-taught Spanish artist Belin was born Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes. His post-neocubist style is a mix of cubism and realism, said to be reminiscent of Dali or Picaso. HIs designs have been features on products by Dockers, Sephora and Kat Von Ds High Voltage tattoo.

Find out more about Belin’s work at belin.es/en

Follow Belin on Instagram @belin_official

ANGELA FAUSTINA Mural Location: Green Bench Brewing 1153 Baum Ave N
Angela Faustina's paintings capture the details of juicy fruit at the height of ripeness, reflecting the beauty of life. Her work is shown in galleries in the U.S., Portugal and Italy.

Explore the work of Angela Faustina at angelafaustina.com

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LOOK THE WEIRD Mural Location: Billy's Corner Barber Shop 1114 Central Ave
Look (Lars Wunderlich), founder of The Weird, an internationally known grafitti crew, is an accomplished German artist know for his grafitti style. He is also founder of Peach Beach, a design collective, with artist Vidam the Weird.

LOOK is a founding member of the design collective Peach Beach with Vidam the Weird.

Follow LOOK The Weird on Instagram – instagram.com/looktheweird

BEKKY BEUKES Mural Location: 701 Dr. MLK S
Artist Bekky Bukes, originally from South Africa, explores the internal and external space between dark and light. Her work is said to be distinguished by its emotionally charged quality, powered by a love of chaos. Her paintings can be seen on walls and in galleries throughout Tampa Bay.

Explore the work of Bekky Beukes at bekkybeukes.com

Follow Bekky Beukes on Instagram @bekkybeukes

J&S SIGNS Mural Location: 553 9th St N
Now based in Portland, OR, this vintage hand-lettering collaboration between Jeffrey Sincich and Josh stover was founded in St. Pete in 2013. They created downtown's familiar "You Are My Sunshine" mural at The Morean Arts Center and the "Love Your Neighborhood" mural on Central Avenue and 20th St. N.

Explore the work of J&S Signs at jandssignpainters.com

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NOIRS ONE Mural Location: 500 Delmar Ter S
Noirs One, AKA Mitch Cook, rcently migrated to St. Pete from North Carolina. A working graphic designer and muralist for the past 8 years, his work highlights the beauty that can co-exist with monotony, juxtaposing the variety natural and industrial patterns of urban environments.

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CECELIA LUEZA Mural Location: One St Petersburg 100 1st Ave N
Cecelia Lueza, a St. Pete artist born in Argentina, works in a range of media, creating gemetric mural inspired by nature. Her murals are frequently set in unexpected locations like rooftops and intersections.

Explore the work of Cecilia Lueza at lueza.com

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Work by Shine 2018 Muralist Angela Faustina. Her shine mural can be seen at Green Bench Brewing, 1153 Baum Ave N.

Work titled "The Future Is An Open Book" by Shine 2018 artist Daas, a Florida artist working in Japan. His Shine mural is located at 125 19 St St, West Wall.
ABOVE: "Battlefield" work by South African artist Bekky Beukes.
BELOW: Bekky Beukes at work on her Shine 2018 mural a 701 Dr. MLK S. Photo by Edel Mohr .
ABOVE: Work by Hand Lettered Sign Artists JS Signs, founded in St. Pete in 2013 and now based in Colorado. BELOW: Shine 2018 Mural by JS Signs at 553 9th Street North.
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