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BigWig formed in New Jersey in 1995 (they once appeared on a comp titled "Anarchy for the NJ"). They put out 4 studio albums culminating in Reclamation, released in 2006 on Fearless Records.

The band was sidelined after the album's release and subsequent tours when guitarist/frontman Tom Petta suffered a serious injury, losing the tip of the index finger on his strumming hand. He was unable to play for some time, working as a producer during the hiatus.

BigWig returned to the stage in 2014 with appearances at Amnesia Rockfest in Canada and Taunami Fest in Pennsylvania.

Petta once said, "When there is nothing for us to say or write, it's best not to release filler garbage to an audience with high expectations... We have never typically compiled music for a time schedule, it just happens when it happens."

In the same interview, he said,"I respect any band or individual that is passionate and true to their trade/art. Fakes and flakes will fall away."

BigWig played on Thurs Dec 5 at VFW39 with Human Error, The Damsels and Unchecked Aggression. The room seemed to be full of fans from their early career appearances in St. Pete who had not forgotten, yelling for their favorite songs through the whole set. Tom Petta stuck around on the porch talking to everyone after the show and taking pictures.
LEFT: BIGWIG "Moosh" @ L'Anti, Québec City QC - 2016-07-20
ABOVE: BIGWIG A War Inside, Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, Quebec 7.24.16
BIGWIG w Human Error, Unchecked Aggression and The Damsels at VFW39 6:30 pm $15