It's all been way beyond a long strange trip since I published the first Issue of what was then The Dunedin Free Press in print as an independent, self producd music, news and entertainment magazine. Not exactly a fanzine, but almost. Things have changed so much since then. Especially in publishing. When I started, it seemed like I got my writing training in Tiger Beat or some erstwhile gossip rag, not USF, the way I would write huge stories on national bands using all third party quotes. Now Rolling Stone and Spin are writing their stories on Lady Gaga using quotes pulled from her social media pages, just like mine. I have had a huge personal evolution in these 12 years, from being a committed devotee of all things rock n roll, a groupie of sorts in my fanatic, hapless love of music and musicians, and a musician myself who only wanted to play the hardest punk rock. Music, and I, have changed as much as publishing in that time. Guitar-hero driven live rock bands are almost all edged out in popularity by synth driven, danceable rap and tunes sometimes made by a computer. I love it all. All music. Music is the love of my life. But today, I am grateful to have also found a passionate love for visual art and, as The Tampa Bay Free Press starts a new day with Issue I 2018, it will grow to reflect my new love, so incredibly represented in the town where I am publishing, St. Petersburg, Florida. When I started working around the first artists I met in this town, I felt like the bee girl in that Blind Melon video, and I am looking forward to enjoying it even more and getting to know more and more of the incredible artists who make the scene in St. Pete SO great, just the way I got to know all the musicians in Dunedin and then in Tampa Bay so well. It has been an incredible time and a tremendous joy so far and I am looking forward to finding and spreading the word about even more beauty to come. We are planting our roots with ISSUE 1 2018's full story on Lady Gaga, our St. Pete Live Clubs listing and our Open Mic page. You'll see us around :).

Frances Brennan
Publisher, Editor-In-Chief
The Tampa Bay Free Press
Good Day Sunshines :(

Green Sunshine, one of the most inspired bands performing in Tampa Bay for nine years now, plays its farewell show at The Ringside Cafe on Saturday, May 7.


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